fitnessfoodfabulousHello there! My name is Jenny and I am 21 years old. I am currently a junior in college double majoring in Legal Studies and Psychology. In the past couple of years I have gained and lost weight but now I want to lose it for good and become fit and active! Please message me if you have any questions or just need someone to talk to :) ** I track the "fitnessfoodfabulous" tag**
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Cool apps that keep me motivated

I have the attention span of a goldfish, I need things to keep me entertained and motivated, especially while running. Here are my favorite app that keep me motivated: 

-Zombies, Run! This is like an interactive video game. You “start mission” when you start running and you hear a story being told, they send you off on missions and while you run you collect supplies which you can use to expand your city. There are also zombies that chase you so you need to out run them! 

-C25K This is a training app that makes you go from “couch to 5k” it is 8 weeks and each week has 3 days. It will tell you when to walk and when to run. 

-Earndit This is a website that you can sync up with different tracking devices and the more you walk/run the more points you earn. You can then redeem the points for cool prizes. Check it out here HTTP://EARND.IT/N9V7NB

-Map my run This is a gps tracking app that shows you were you have run, how long and how many steps. It will also save your routes and create new ones for you

-FitBit Okay technically not just an app. But this superpedometer calculates your total calories burned for the day. stairs, steps, distance & sleep. The system also comes with a super cool tracking software. 

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