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You know what really bothers me?

When I google or search tags here on tumblr with the word “latina” and over 50% of it is some type of porn. I hate the over sexualization of latinas and some of the words used to describe us like “spicy”. Surprisingly we as latinas are not just sex symbols or hot tempered sex machines. Surprisingly we are all different and regular women. 

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    Preach girl. I hate it when I type Puerto Rican or Latino and half of it is gangster wannabes.
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  4. theblackamericanprincess said: There’s a blog called reclaimingthelatinatag that tackles some of these issues. It’s pretty shitty but it also helps to add your own content to the Latina tag!
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  6. summer-loving-fitness-monster said: Props to you for standing up to sexism and racism
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