fitnessfoodfabulousHello there! My name is Jenny and I am 21 years old. I am currently a junior in college double majoring in Legal Studies and Psychology. In the past couple of years I have gained and lost weight but now I want to lose it for good and become fit and active! Please message me if you have any questions or just need someone to talk to :) ** I track the "fitnessfoodfabulous" tag**
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“i adore your blog! :-)”

Thank you!!!!!!! 

“You spelled swan wrong in your post. Lol :)”

Lmao I just  nonticed that. Sorry I was way to excited/tired for my own safety. 

“heyyy i just made a new weightloss/health/fitness blog even though i've been following basically the entire fitspo community on my personal blog for the past year+ and it helped me nearly reach my goals. if you could help me out by getting my name out there a bit i'd really appreciate it!”


“you're awesome!”

Thank you!

“That teddy ting made me smile:) And another assumption.. . you'd rather be poor and live off beans and potatoes with a happy family than be rich with fancy health foods and alone/ with unhappy family.”

Yes :) my family is my everything to me. I would live in a cardboard box and eat lint (though I would probably die) if that was the only way to keep my family close lol. Plus beans and potatoes are awesome! I need to put those together sometime.. 

“i injured my ankle later and i'm not able to run on it for a while. its terrible!! do you have any advice on exercises that i can do to stay fit but not put to much pressure on my ankle? thankyou, i love your blog!!”

Ahh im sorry & hope you have a speedy recovery! You can try stationary bikes, or elliptical. Maybe just take some time off of it completely and just focus on strength training. 

“So glad to hear you are better at looking after yourself now. Thats officiallly one of the most inspirational things about you, and man are you inspirational! :) another assumption. . You named your teddies as a kid?”

Thank you :) life is a lot easier when you realize that strangers opinions dont matter & you start doing things that make you happy. Hmm.. I didnt as a child but I do as an adult lol 

“For some reason the anon option isn't available to me when I want to ask you something. :( So I'm going to be brave and say my assumption un-anon. :) Not to be hurtful or rude but my assumption about you is that you are a little prejudiced when it comes to political/social issues and you don't really consider the validity of the arguments on the opposing side, meanwhile you do not judge accurately the illogicality perhaps of some of the arguments on "your" side. Not sure if opinion or assumption”

Nope. Well at least I don’t believe so, I think one of the things you need to realize is that I am a government major. Meaning during most of the day I sit in class and talk about politics/government and how they work. I educate myself on both sides before siding with one side. During the preliminary republican election I watched every single debate and analyzed all of there view points. I made my decision/opinion on the candidates based on what I agreed with or disagreed with. Also I have pointed out flaws on “my side” but to me “my side” has less flaws and fights for things that are morally correct for me. 

“You aren't 100% honest on your blog and sometimes push yourself too hard to keep other people happy/ because you worry what others think of you”

Nope not anymore. I make myself happy.

“Assumption: something sad happened to you as a child. Like death or somethign but you pushed past it to be the healthiest you.”

nope lol cant say that something like that happened

“how does fitbit work?”

just reblogged the post i did on it! if its easier here is the link to that post

“Does the Zombies Run app work on a treadmill?? I looked it up and it said it uses GPS so I can't see how it works when being on a tredmill :( was really looking forward to using it for running as I just don't run >.<”

Yes it does! Once you get it you can adjust the settings and it will track your steps on the treadmill 

“if you have a kettle you could try food doctor pots? I don't know where you're from but if you're from Britain you can get them in Tesco and you just put boiling water in the pot. they do things like cous cous and quinoa which are both really good for you. even if you're not in England I'm sure you could find something similar somewhere :) hope this helps!”

Thank you! ill look into this :) 

“tips for a flat tummy?”

Lower your body fat level. Cardio, strength training and a clean diet :) 

“hey so I know to lose weight you need healthy diet and exercise but almost every day i end up eating a small piece of cake (gluten free) that's usually about 100-200 calories. My daily intake most days is under 1500 calories so is eating that cake gonna be bad? or affect my weightloss? Should I try cut it out completely?”

If you are eating well through out the day (non processed food) and working out, go ahead and enjoy your cake.

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